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The name Beit Ezra was taken from the actions of Ezra the scribe as recorded in the book of his name. We do not claim the learning or the authority of the biblical Ezra.

Beit Ezra is a servant ministry, originally established in Israel with the dual aim of serving the growing messianic community in the land and of helping the wider gentile church to understand the Jewish roots of their faith. For over 15 years we served with congregation Adonai Roi in Tel Aviv.

Now having moved from Israel to Plymouth, after 15 years of service in Israel, we desire to be a resource for the local believers in the South West of England and beyond.  We have the vision to share the Jewish roots of 'The Way' as practiced by Yeshua (Jesus), the first disciples and the early church.

We are also very aware that the mandate that Yeshua issued in Matthew 28:19, 'Therefor go and make disciples of all nations ...' was given to Jewish believers.  Hence we see the imperative to share the gospel to all, by 'Being, Doing and Telling'.  We do not hide our Jewish faith.

We have a weekly fellowship meeting, and a monthly prayer meeting, Beit Tephila.

We do not 'have it all' or 'know it all' but we remain teachable without compromise and willing to enter into meaningful discussions.

David and Jennie Wright


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